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This method is particularly effective when students are asked to compare views or to list pros and cons of a position. There is a large amount of research attesting to the benefits of active learning.

For each feedback method, the instructor stops at appropriate points to give quick tests of the material; in this way, she can adjust the lecture mid-course, slowing down to spend more time on the concepts students are having difficulty with or moving more quickly to applications of concepts of which students have a good understanding.

More broadly, they become self-directed learners, effectively seeking out and using resources to assist them, including teachers, peers, and print and digital reference materials.

He explains to his students that a writer's command of long and short sentences makes for a "more pliable" writing repertoire. Challenge students to find active verbs. Use writing to improve relations among students. The wait time will generally be short 15 seconds or so - but it may seem interminable in the classroom.

For example, the instructor might say "one finger for 'yes', two for 'no'", and then ask questions such as "Do all organic compounds contain carbon [hydrogen, etc. But with this approach particularly if entries are assigned for homeworkyou may ask more complex questions, such as, "Do you think that determinism is correct, or that humans have free will.

Generally, it is better to form heterogeneous groups with regard to gender, ethnicity, and academic performanceparticularly when the groups will be working together over time or on complex projects; however, some of these techniques work well with spontaneously formed groups.

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Waiting forces every student to think about the question, rather than passively relying on those students who are fastest out of the gate to answer every question. Integrate sources into your writing. See Appendix A for definitions of key writing types. They then list everything they can think of which supports these positions on the relevant side of the vertical line.

Educator ResourcesFind all sorts of goodies for educators at all levels. Create stronger presentations using PowerPoint and Prezi. Help students ask questions about their writing.

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Fish soundlessly weave their way through slippery seaweed Whales whisper to others as they slide through the salty water. Students are engaged and open-minded—but discerning—readers and listeners.

To meet these goals, students must devote significant time and effort to writing, producing numerous pieces over short and extended time frames throughout the year.

Throughout a lecture, particularly after stating an important point or defining a key concept, stop, let it sink in, and then after waiting a bit.

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He wants to begin to train their ears by asking them to make lists of wonderful sounding words. They learn to appreciate that a key purpose of writing is to communicate clearly to an external, sometimes unfamiliar audience, and they begin to adapt the form and content of their writing to accomplish a particular task and purpose.

To avoid such questions, and to get students interested in a topic before lectures begin, an instructor can give a quiz aimed at getting students to both identify and to assess their own views. Students adapt their communication in relation to audience, task, purpose, and discipline.

Nancy Lilly, co-director of the Greater New Orleans Writing Projectwanted her fourth and fifth grade students to breathe life into their nonfiction writing.

Try writing a personal essay. After students have responded to the questions individually, have them compare answers in pairs or small groups and discuss the ones on which they disagree. As students advance through the grades and master the standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language, they are able to exhibit with increasing fullness and regularity these capacities of the literate individual.

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Having students summarize or repeat each others' contributions to the course both fosters active participation by all students and promotes the idea that learning is a shared enterprise. Muddiest or Clearest Point - This is a variation on the one-minute paper, though you may wish to give students a slightly longer time period to answer the question.

With this exercise, try and establish the following for both characters in a single dialogue: Most of the terms in a concept map have multiple connections. Many students hear little of what their classmates have to say, waiting instead for the instructor to either correct or repeat the answer.

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The instructor then draws several questions out of the bowl and answers them for the class or asks the class to answer them. Practice avoiding plagiarism and providing proper documentation for borrowed information. She thought the student who wrote this paragraph could do better: Learn about the potential consequences of plagiarism.

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The past decade has seen an explosion of interest among college faculty in the teaching methods variously grouped under the terms 'active learning' and 'cooperative learning'.

However, even with this interest, there remains much misunderstanding of and mistrust of the pedagogical "movement" behind the words. to short writing exercises in.

The Purdue Writing Lab Purdue University students, faculty, and staff at our West Lafayette, IN campus may access this area for information on the award-winning Purdue Writing Lab.

Creative Writing Activities for College Students

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Welcome to the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL), an award-winning open education resource offering multimedia support for writing and reading.

Writing activities for college
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